Crypto Mining War Shop is now Online!

You can purchase easilyCrypto Mining War, the Trading Card Game and play this Card Game with your friends to the Crypto Mining War!

Defend your Mining Pool at all cost and defeat your opponent in Cards battle!

So how to start?!

In order to play, you need 1 Starter deck per player. You can either purchase 1 Starter pack or the 2-Players Starter pack containing 2 Starter deck: 1 for you and 1 for you friend!

Be part of the Beta Test!

Crypto Mining War, the Trading Card Game is in a test version! This means that by playing it, you will be able to contribute to help developping the game as well as give us feedback about the gameplay!

We are always listening to players advices in order to improve the quality of the game!

How to play?

First, take a look at the Rules of the Game page. Also, you can subscribe to our Youtube Channel where you will soon be able to found tutorial videos on How to play the Trading Card Game!