Trading Card Game, 2-Players Starter Pack

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2185… Banks have fallen…
World is ruled by Crypto-Corporations…
Claim your power and go to battle with your cards!

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Crypto Mining War, the Trading Card Game!

Want to play Crypto Mining War around table with Friends or Family?! Crypto Mining War, the Trading Card Game is for you!

In this Cards Game, 1 goal : Destroy the enemy’s Mining Pool! Deploy your cards Fighters in the Battlefield, annihilate the defender’s Fighter cards, got the Neutrino Bonus, disable the Firewall cards and take on the Mining Pool tower to win the battle!

This board game, inspired from famous card games (Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, etc.) is a real strategy game where every single of your action will count for victory!

This 2-Players Starter Pack contains 2 starter decks of 42 cards each :

  • 1 card MINING POOL
  • 3 cards FIREWALL
  • 2 cards NEUTRINO
  • 12 cards BITCOIN
  • 24 cards FIGHTER / SPELL

+ Receive 5 Game Aid Sheets and Access to the Discord Section “Trading Card Game test”!

Weight: 0.02 kg
Dimensions: 2 × 13 × 9 cm

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